comp.mail.eudora.* FAQ

Posting to the Newsgroups

Two newsgroups currently cover Eudora: Please note that these groups are not an "official" arm of Qualcomm. Eudora Pro users are welcome to post here, but for official technical support Pro users should contact the address in their manual (or on their disk if purchased via download), their site representitive if a site licensee (and insist their site rep give them access to a manual!).

Important Tip: Before posting you should look at the subject lines of other posts to see if your topic is already addressed.

Following are suggestions that will help the volunteer readers of the Eudora newsgroups better answer your questions. Some of these may be irrelevant to your problem, but if in doubt, include as much as possible.

  1. A good subject line:
  2. Exactly which version of Eudora you are using.
  3. Indicate whether you have a copy of the manual.
  4. Are other Internet programs having trouble as well? While you are still welcome to post to comp.mail.eudora.*, if Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, or other Internet software are all having trouble, it is almost certain to not be a Eudora problem.
  5. What brand of computer.
  6. What method of Internet connection.
  7. A clearly worded description of the problem as best you can. While people on the group don't grade your spelling or grammar, I know that I skip messages if I can't really make out what the problem is or if all the sentences run together.
  8. Don't end your message: "I never check this group, so please e-mail me an answer directly." At least use something like, "Please e-mail me an answer if possible, as well as posting to this group for the benefit of others who might be wondering the same thing."