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Eudora 3.0beta Change Reports

From Qualcomm

For more help please see the comp.mail.eudora.mac FAQ posted every Thursday/Friday or at See also the general FAQ for Eudora 3.0beta at
Please pardon the crypticness of it all, this is straight from Qualcomm, and I dared not take a stab at what some of them meant. -Hank

Bugs fixed

Other 3.0b115
Bugs Other 3.0a114
Other Bugs fixed 3.0a113
Bugs Fixed Other 3.0a112
Bugs Fixed Other 3.0b111
Bugs fixed Other 3.0b110
Bugs fixed Other 3.0b109
Bugs Fixed Other 3.0b108
Bugs Fixed Other 3.0b107
Bugs Other 3.0b105
Bugs Other 3.0b103