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Last updated: 5 September 2002

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Eudora for the Macintosh: Pre-3.x Specific
  1. What is Eudora?
  2. What should I do before anything?
  3. What can I connect to my server using?
  4. How do I do such and such when sending a message?
  5. What about other mailboxes?
  6. What are Plug-Ins and how do I use them?
  7. Where can I get a spellchecker?
  8. I keep getting an error saying "-ERR Maildrop lock busy! Is another session active?" What should I do?
  9. "Help! The dot that used to appear next to unread mail is gone in my In mailbox!"
  10. How do I open large messages and text files (>32k) with Eudora?
  11. How do I download only some messages?
  12. How do I download only the subject of messages?
  13. What should I do before updating to a newer version of Eudora?
  14. How do I move from Eudora on the PC to Eudora on the Mac?
  15. How do I move from Eudora on the Mac to Eudora on a PC?
  16. I have two accounts and one computer. What should/can I do?
  17. I have one account and two computers. What should/can I do?
  18. Can I dial up one ISP and check e-mail at another?
  19. How can I check my AOL account with Eudora?
  20. How can I use Eudora with AE scripting?
  21. How can I get "Command-clickable" URL's in Eudora?
  22. How do I send messages to newsgroups from Eudora?
  23. How do I auto-reply to messages if I am on vacation?
  24. Why do my mailto: forms on my web page sometimes come as messages, other times as attachments?
  25. How do you reply to the "From:" address instead of the "Reply-To:" address?
  26. How do you archive mailboxes for later use?
  27. Why does this error occur: "Quit now: More than 100 sub-folders in the Eudora Folder"?

Eudora for the Macintosh: 3.x Specific
  1. Where can I find more about Eudora 3.x?
  2. What are some suggestions for installing 3.x?
  3. Where are "Nicknames"?
  4. Where is "Compact Mailbox"?
  5. Where is "Ph"?
  6. How do I send people an email without everyone seeing who got it?
  7. How do I turn off the toolbar?
  8. Why are a lot of the keyboard shortcuts changed?
  9. What kind of Plug-Ins are there for 3.x?
  10. What Plug-Ins work with 3.x?
  11. My long messages are still being cut off! Why?
  12. What are some of the keyboard shortcuts and what do they do?
  13. Why, in Eudora Light 3.1, can't you set Eudora up to automatically sort by subject on download, while you could in 3.0?
  14. How do I use Eudora as the mailto: helper in Netscape 4.0.x?
  15. "I am having problems with typing and Eudora 3.x and..."
  16. "I have lost all of my color icons in Eudora. How do I fix it?"
  17. "Help! 'New Message To' has nicknames that are not in my Address Book!"
  18. "I have lost all of my nicknames in my Address Book!"
  19. "I keep getting an error saying 'Translator initialization failed; consult translator documentation. {-2804.0}'!"
  20. Why won't Eudora work with Netscape's "Send Page" command?
  21. What to do when Eudora stops opening Netscape/IE when you click on a URL.
  22. What about InternetConfig support?
  23. What about WorldScript?

Eudora for the Macintosh: 4.x/5.x Specific
  1. Where can I find more about Eudora 4.x?
  2. What are some suggestions for installing 4.x?
  3. Should I use the beta software? What happens when it expires?
  4. How do you read a .pdf document?"
  5. "I am running MacOS 8/8.1 and I am having crashes with Eudora 4.x..."
  6. "Help! I have lost my Address Book entries under Eudora Pro 4.0.1b18!"
  7. Can Eudora Pro 4 do dialup?
  8. How can I find what filter worked on a message?
  9. Why do some incoming HTML messages display as raw (not rendered) HTML?
  10. "Help! I am getting emails that are blank, but not supposed to be!"
  11. Where is more information about using Eudora to handle mailto: tags in Netscape?
  12. How do I get rid of the black bars that appear on all of my replies in Eudora Pro 4.1?
  13. "Using MacOS 8.5 I keep getting an error that Eudora is out of memory despite the fact that it has plenty! What is going on?"
  14. What about WorldScript?
  15. What about IMAP?